Elegant Live Music For Your Wedding

Wedding Music Kingston

Once you step down the aisle and you hear that music, your special moment begins. The right music will make it a perfect day. I’m here to provide you beautiful wedding music in and around Kingston.

Let’s make your wedding “Uniquely Yours”

As you plan your wedding day there are a lot of musical decisions to be made – I can help you make them. I have the experience to set the mood and help create the memories that will last a lifetime.

I am a classically trained pianist with years of experience. Whether you are looking for classical, pop, rock, folk, jazz or show music – I can play it all. Plus, by using the very best studio quality equipment I can create an infinite variety of instrumental sounds from piano and organ to guitar, harp, flute, strings and many more.

Let’s begin by setting the perfect musical mood for your guests before the ceremony and then proceed to play the very best musical selections to support your procession up the aisle.

And, once your ceremony is over I can be there to play a fabulous mix of elegant music while your guests mingle and celebrate.

Music For Your Ceremony

What’s a wedding without music. Whether you go traditional or choose a pop song that speaks to your story, the right music will really make your special day a magical one. And that goes for your ceremony music too.

In most weddings ceremonies, you’ll have three songs:

  1. The bridal party processional (where your bridesmaids and groomsmen come in)
  2. The bridal processional (where the bride comes in)
  3. The recessional (where you leave the ceremony)


Before the ceremony starts

You can expect that your guests will probably start to arrive about half an hour before the ceremony is scheduled to start. It’s always a good idea to have some music playing as they get seated in order to set the mood you want.Here are some examples of songs I like to play before the ceremony starts but of course I would work with you to make the wedding music “Uniquely Yours”.

Here’s a musical example to listen to.

Listen to a Sample of The Swan performed by David Vowles

Processional Music

Time to think about the feeling you want to create. Of course you want the musical theme to be love but do you want the mood to be subdued, traditional, modern, upbeat or perhaps featuring “your special song”.

The entrance of the wedding party is usually announced by specially-chosen pieces of wedding music — and here I think it’s important for the two of you to choose. Sure, some songs may be more popular than others, but there’s no rule saying what you have to choose. If there is a song the two of you really like, one that is really meaningful to you, then of course you should include that song in your ceremony.

One piece or two? Traditionally, there is a second special piece of music which announces the bride’s entrance. However, many modern couples want something completely different. For instance, you may want to enter together with your bride, groom or same-sex partner. It’s your wedding, so every part of it – including the music – should reflect what is unique about the two of you.

Still not sure? Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to make some suggestions that can make your wedding & wedding music “Uniquely Yours”.

Want to hear some processional music? Here’s a musical example to listen to.

Listen to Pachabel Canon performed by David Vowles

Listen to Here Comes The Bride – Traditional March performed by David Vowles


Signing the Register

At most weddings, the bride and groom will include the signing of official documents as part of their ceremony. This takes a few minutes – just enough time for your favourite love song! If you can’t think of one right away, here are a couple of examples to get you started. I’d be happy to explore more ideas with you. Get in touch with so we can make your wedding “Uniquely Yours”.

Listen to Wonderful World performed by David Vowles

Listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed by David Vowles

Listen to Here There and Everywhere performed by David Vowles

The Recessional


The formal part is over, time to transition to party time! I recommend a song that’s a little more upbeat. Here is a great example of this kind of wedding music.

Listen to Wedding March Boogie performed by David Vowles


champagne filled glassesMusic For Your Reception and Dinner

It’s time to pop the corks and celebrate with family and friends. Let’s make the tunes upbeat and get your party started! Live music will create the right atmosphere to stimulate conversations and kick off the festivities. Light jazz, bossa nova, pop and show tunes will be the perfect accompaniment to the laughter and clinking of glasses as your guests toast your special day. Together let’s make your wedding “Uniquely Yours”.

Solo keyboards or piano combined with other instruments to form a duo or trio will create the perfect background for your guests to mingle and chat.

I also have an extensive network of fellow musicians that I work closely with. So, I am able to expand and customize my musical offering to include duos, a trio, a quartet and also a six piece classic rock band to entertain your guests.

Piano with sax, guitar, violin or flute makes an excellent duo. Piano, sax and bass makes a fabulous trio especially for the jazz repertoire.

Here’s some musical examples to listen to.

Listen to Fly Me To The Moon performed by David Vowles

Listen to Gentle Rain performed by David Vowles

Listen to Unchained Melody performed by David Vowles

Listen to Night and Day performed by David Vowles

Listen to Black Orpheus performed by David Vowles