Corporate events


Background music works especially well for corporate events. I usually recommend something subtle that guests hardly notice, but that makes them relax and stimulates conversation.

For an elegant, black-tie affair, classical music and quiet jazz such as Bossa Nova is best. This is also a great choice to enhance the atmosphere for cocktail receptions, business dinners, grand openings and trade shows.

By using the very best portable studio quality equipment I can create an infinite variety of instrumental sounds from piano and organ to guitar, harp, flute, strings and many more.

Solo keyboards or piano combined with other instruments to form a duo or trio creates a perfect background for your guests to mingle and chat and will also give an air of sophistication to your corporate event.

I also have an extensive network of fellow musicians that I work closely with. So, I am able to expand and customize my musical offering to include duos, a trio, a quartet and also a six piece classic rock band to entertain your guests.

Piano with sax, guitar, violin or flute makes an excellent duo. Piano, sax and bass makes a fabulous trio especially for the jazz repertoire.

Here’s some musical examples to listen to.

Listen to Fly Me To The Moon performed by David Vowles

Listen to Gentle Rain performed by David Vowles

Listen to Night and Day performed by David Vowles

Listen to Black Orpheus performed by David Vowles